“5”, Bar, Medellin, Colombia

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2011, Medellin

Bar 5 is a popular bar in the center city of Medellin. It is a flexible space for breakfast, lunch, Sunday brunch and all types of evening activities. It features an open kitchen where visiting chefs from across the globe demonstrate their culinary capabilities.

The lighting budget for that project was relatively low; so most of lighting solutions had to be customized, recycled and reused. For example, we split the existing urban pole into two separate parts;One part was used as bollard, tjheother as a diffuser. The diffuser glass was converted into pendant lights.


5BAR _2

The Main Chandelier was requested to create an atmosphere for the Bar. The idea was to have Warm white lighting during the early evening and RGB changing colour during the late night.

5BAR _1 5BAR _3 5BAR _4

5BAR _6

For the wine area of the bar we proposed an “integrated system”. The system system consisted of LEDs “integrated” inside 180 empty bottles. These “light” bottles were placed between wine bottles. The light infused bottles dimmed in groups. The oscillating light that ensued from our integrated system created a tranquil ambiance.


5BAR _75BAR _85BAR _95BAR _10