Campari Soda, Diploma, IED (Istituto Europeo di Design)

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A classic Italian icon of taste and style

Campari Soda is the single-serve aperitif with a moderate alcohol content (10%) that with its unique and incomparable flavour is the category leader is obtained through the optimal mixture of Campari and carbon dioxide.

Campari Soda was first created in 1932 and is considered the first pre-mixed drink in the world and has always been presented in its signature bottle that was designed in the ‘30s by Fortunato Depero. Its unmistakable conical shape is, till today, an icon of the Italian aperitivo. 

The main scope of the project was to create objects that can emphasize the bottles design. The bottle is already an icon, but during the typical serving of the drink the barman despensies with the bottle and serves the beverage in a glass. In consequence of this the Family Campari Soda was designed to emphasize the design of the bottle.

We created a Family of objects that have same character: shape & color. All objects are portable. Some of them are furniture and some are small gadgets for temporary or permanent use.



“TOTEM” is a modular element that consists 5 chairs and a table . The objects can remain assembled (all elements placed on top of each other with table on top) otherwise in dissembled condition as part of bar furniture and emphasize the time of Aperetif.


“HANGER” is a modular Bar element. It has several different modules, which can be easily placed on top of any existing bar counter.


“CAMPARI CANDLE” is a very simple element for a table. In order to switch it on, a bottle of particular diameter is required. The Campari bottle is exactly the right choice! It has a switch once there is a heavy objects placed the LED source will brighten the bottle and create “candle” type glow on the table.


Time to have a Bottle of Campari! Buona Serata!