New Futura, Singapore

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2016-2017, Singapore

New Futura is a top class condominium located in the city prime location, walking distance to Orchard road.

The exclusive spaces located at the Sky terrace are lit internally providing a warm internal glow visible from the outside, making the common space alive and improving overall welcoming experience when

view from outside. The lit crown acts as a beacon of light making the development visible from a far distance as a prominent part of the city skyline, highlighting it as a top residential location.


The main concept is to light up the feature wall by extending one of the fins located in the middle part. This allows the integration of the lighting fixture to the louver providing a consistent lighting effect for

all the sky terrace. This iconic element will be recognizable from a far distance at night and be the centre of interest of the fa├žade lighting scheme.

New futura_2 New futura_3a New futura_5





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