Penang Sentral, Penang, Malaysia

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2017, Penang

Penang Sentral is a multi-purpose transportation hub located in the heart of Penang, Malaysia. It is positioned as a gateway to commercial development of the region. It integrates rail, bus, taxi, and ferry

services all together, providing the largest facility of its kind in the region opening new commercial avenues with unique opportunities for the development of the whole country.

The hub is designed to handle 180 000 people a day.

Lighting is crucial element of the project that has to meet expectations of commuters and visitors by

providing them a unique experience, as well as complying with all the norms and requirements of public space with high human traffic. As you enter Hilton hotel, the Reception will be the first impression of

this new space.

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Penang Sentral_1

Currently i am working on the development of Facade, Drop-off, internal & external roads and interior space.


Penang Sentral_2 Penang Sentral_2a Penang Sentral_2b Penang Sentral_3

























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